H59 Copper 3/ 16” Ferrule Fitting (Pack of 5)

  • Pack of 5 pcs
  • Size: 3/16”
  • Material: Brass, Copper

Compression unions connect copper, brass, and aluminum tubing over long distances, making them a common choice for low-pressure applications such as air, oil, and water connections. The connection process is simple: place the nut and sleeve over the tubing and insert the tube into the fitting body. Tightening the nut creates a leak-free connection as the sleeve wedges between the body and the nut.

These unions join 3/16 in. copper, brass, or aluminum tubing in low-pressure applications and are designed for automotive fluid transfer systems. It is essential only to use them for flareless steel tube connections, as they are unsuitable for brake line connections. They are compatible with all 3/16 in. diameter tubing.


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