9005 Halogen Bulb (Pack of 10 Pcs)

  • Pack of  10 Pcs
  • Bulb Type:  Halogen
  • Color Temperature:  5000K
  • Uses:  Automotive headlights, fog lights
  • Wattage:  12V 55W

The 9005 Halogen Bulb is a popular choice for automotive lighting, offering bright and clear illumination for headlights, fog lights, and other automotive applications. One of the key benefits of the 9005 Halogen Bulb is its long lifespan of up to 1,000 hours, making it a cost-effective choice for drivers who want reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions.

Overall, the 9005 Halogen Bulb is a versatile and reliable lighting solution that offers superior performance and longevity compared to standard bulbs. Its bright and focused beam, easy installation, and compatibility with most automotive systems make it a popular choice for drivers who prioritize road safety, visibility, and convenience.


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